Paper Round
December 13, 2010

It's all about Tevez

Posted on 13/12/2010

Didier Drogba may have gone from hero to zero, and Heurelho Gomes certainly took a stroll in the opposite direction, but the only thing dominating the back page of every Monday morning paper was Carlos Tevez's decision to quit Manchester City

Let me go or I quit

The Sun usually stick to a tight script, but on this occasion they've decided to go with a hard-hitting headline. Unlike them really.

It’s not about the money

Tevez, despite being offered a reported £280,000-per-week contract, claims the money is not an issue, something that clearly caught the eye of The Daily Telegraph.

Why I’m going

The Daily Mail have built strong links with Manchester City, so don't expect any inflammatory headlines from them

Tevez fans flames in City row

We're not quite sure why The Times have linked fire to the situation, but we're happy to roll with it.

Tevez rift is beyond repair

A bold statement by The Daily Mirror when one considers the ridiculous U-turn made by Wayne Rooney not so long ago.