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December 6, 2010

Australia looking like mugs

Posted on 06/12/2010

With England on course for victory in Adelaide after amassing 1137 runs for six wickets in their last two innings, Martin Samuel in The Daily Mail claims England have every reason to be feeling smug.

Just before lunch on the third day, officers from the South Australian Police gathered on the hill of the Cathedral End where the rowdier elements congregate at the Adelaide Oval and swept purposefully through the crowd. Nobody knew what they were looking for. Bowlers, most probably.

Australia could certainly do with some if they are to stand any chance of regaining the Ashes.
The battle between England's top order and the Australian attack was always going to define this game, and sure enough all hope of Australian victory was removed over two and a bit brutal days.

Englishmen have learned not to tempt fate at this charming cricket ground, but even the most pessimistic Pom could find no reason to doubt the outcome here. The game was taken away from Australia by England's batsmen, most notably Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen, and the hosts biggest hope now is that rain will postpone a seemingly inevitable denouement.

Unless the bowling attack can regroup, England will retain the urn sometime soon and win the series after that either in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney. As it stands, Australia are up a gum tree; maybe even the old gum tree on Macfarlane Street that is regarded as the birthplace of the province.

Oliver Holt in Mirror says England are on a tour from heaven, Geoffrey Boycott in The Telegraph says Pietersen showed what he can do when he cuts out the rash strokes - while Gideon Haigh in The Times claims KP also stands for Key Player.