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December 8, 2010

Be wary of the return of Warne

Posted by Alex Livie on 08/12/2010

Australia are in disarray after their defeat in Adelaide, so much so that sections of their media are calling for Shane Warne to come out of retirement.

Warne has not played Test cricket in four years, with his time now spent in the commentary box and an occasional stint at the IPL. Tantalisingly, Warne has left the door ajar by writing in his column in the Telegraph that “All I can say is that it is flattering to hear those words.”

It has caused great mirth in the UK that the Australians are in such disarray that they are even talking about rolling out the 41-year-old. But rather than scoff at the subject, England should pray that the Australians do not make the astonishing move and turn to the greatest legspinner that has played the game.

Yes he has not played Test cricket in four years and is sure to be well short of the fitness levels required of a Test match cricketer. But let’s remember that Warne at his peak was never a toned physical specimen with a body to match David Haye. And give him a couple of days in the nets and he will no doubt slip back into the old rhythm.

There is no chance of him hitting his best form, but even a Warne at 50 per cent of his powers would be a more potent threat than the likes of Nathan Hauritz and Xavier Doherty. And having played a key role in Australia’s dominance of the Test scene for over a decade, he would have a psychological effect on the England batsmen.

As mentioned earlier, fitness would not really be a concern as they could park Warne at slip – that’s where he spent much of his career and he had one of the finest pair of hands in the game.

It would make Australia a laughing stock if they turn to Warne as it would be an admission that they need the help of a long-retired spinner and let’s hope that their pride gets in the way and prevents them from making a decision that would spice up the series and hand them a chance of winning the Ashes. Because at present, they don't.


Posted by alan on 08/12/2010

Warney will not be back. He could probalby still do it but even his talents will not be able to stop this sinking ship from going down and to be part of that ship is not what he will want to take any part in. Leave the legend alone

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